About Us

Our philosophy

Hippocrates once said “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” so then how come in hospitals patients are being fed “food” with anti-nutrients? Our mission is to help people get well sooner by eating well. We want you to be able to “gift” a loved one with something that will actually help them to recover. We understand that not everyone has access to fresh vegetables and anti-inflammatory avocados, so this is where we at HH come in!

We have created a hamper with all sugar-free, dairy free, gluten and vegetable oil free that your body will love.

Our hampers do the complete opposite to most other hampers on the market – and that’s a good thing!

Meet Jacque and Monica

Following a serious ski accident Monica had when a snowboarder collided into her, leaving Monica with one of the most extensive knee surgeries that her surgeon had seen (and he is the surgeon for the American ski team), Healthie Hampers was born. 

After spending Christmas and the following week in the hospital in Lake Tahoe California, Jacque and Monica realised that not everyone has a family that will cook for them especially a whole Christmas lunch full of anti-inflammatory foods, let alone roasted veggies and then deliver them to the hospital room for lunch. Most people are in hospital and have to eat the food provided because they don’t have a loved one that ‘gets it’ when it comes to their healthy diet. This is where Healthie Hampers fills the gap. 

Monica and Jacque have first hand seen the power of food to heal the body from past operations, illnesses and health issues. Monica was told she wouldn’t be able to start weight bearing on her leg for 3 months, but with a lot of determination, a positive mindset and a crazy-healthy diet, Monica’s bones healed faster than the surgeon could have ever imagined. Monica and Jacque want everyone to be able to access healthy food.

Whether you have a friend that’s just had a baby, or your sister who’s just moved into her new home – there is always a reason to heal and nourish your body. We understand the fast-paced lives we all live, so Healthie Hampers is here to support you during those times when you just cannot access healthy snacks and bone broth, or fructose free chocolate amongst other goodies.  Healthie Hampers is here to help you and the ones you love. 

Monica studies the power of food to heal the human body as she is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, studying her Bachelor of Nutrition, and is determined to help educate people about the capabilities of food to actually help the human body. With her passion, came Healthie Hampers and her need to make a difference in the world as she saw sick, overweight people in hospitals eating toxic, inflammatory and cell degenerating “food”.

Jacque and Monica have poured their heart and passion into Healthie Hampers to deliver you a product that is made with love, supporting local Australian brands that follow the same philosophy; clean, real, sugar-free food with no added ANYTHING. You can trust that all the food/brands they have carefully chosen are the best for your health and will help your body to heal.

This is something that is close to their hearts as they have both overcome health challenges the natural way and mainly with eating well. In fact most of their health challenges were caused by unnatural disruptors to their system.

How Healthie Hampers Work